About Paolo Scarano
Paolo ScaranoI was born in Trivento April 6, 1972, then came my wife, my children ... and the camera, the Nikon, which I carry with me the summer of 2008.
My favorite subjects are portraits, as a means of knowledge of the human figure as a channel for joining the endless forms and expressions of the human face.
The criticism I have of me is reflected in a continuous search for technical and personal style in order to cut to my original images.
"The description of an instant and prolonged filtered by lens' This is what I feel. This is what I want to convey through my photographs.
Favorits: Authors
  • Alexander Kharlamov
  • Rui  Pires
  • maria joão arcanjo
  • Robert Mueller
  • Armando Jorge
  • Vlad Dumitrescu
  • antonio de la orden
  • tiziana pielert
  • Christoph Hessel
  • Edmondo Senatore
  • alena adamenko
  • Yalçin Varnali
Favorits: Photos
  • Sele
  • At the Kumari's yard
  • Il Madonnaro
  • Hello Ma'am!
  • Adolescence
  • The Lady is waiting
  • Polar Bear
  • fé
  • Portrait
  • rapaz de chapéu
  • '' TIYANG BALI "
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